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Scribbled alongside our walls are the names of thousands who share our memories of some really good times. Here are the rules for writing on the walls.



(AMENDED 10/20/17) The MU/KU rivalry has lost its luster. Rule 2b is stricken from shack law (plus, we're sick of sanding "KU" marks and the sander makes a helluva mess).


Unless you're a celebrity, (which you probably aren't or you'd be sick of signing stuff) don't sign an area bigger than an index card.


You only get to sign once so make it count.
(for exception see 4b)


If you wrote you "heart" someone and then broke up, you may sign again...but don't erase the first one 'cause we'll likely point and make fun of it (that's totally worth the memory).


Don't write over other names please...

those aren't your memories.


Shack is not responsible for any name written or painted over, and we certainly don't want to be yelled at because of it. (Especially by that mean couple in 2015...that really hurt our feelings.)


 Don't write profanity or other stupid stuff 'cause we have an orbital palm sander and are not afraid to use it.


(AMENDED 6/3/14) We consider anything related to "KU" or "Jayhawk" written on walls as "Profanity or stupid stuff." The orbital palm sander will be used.

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